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New to the fandom & looking for recs [Jul. 9th, 2014|05:38 pm]

I just recently discovered Buffy and I've gotten sucked in. Thus far, I'm mostly a Buffy/Angel shipper. As a newbie, what are some of the gen stories and/or Buffy/Angel stories I really need to be reading?
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Anya/Holden Webster [May. 16th, 2014|12:47 pm]

I googled it, I searched on AO3, but I still can’t believe it – have no one ever written Anya/Holden Webster fic? (Or Anya&Holden, not the point.) Seems so natural idea to me…
Tell me that’s just my searching skills, and there IS a fic?..
Well, any other Holden Webster recs are good, too. (Also I already read everything tagged with him on AO3).
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Buffy/Giles and Charles Xavier is Buffy's dad [Mar. 25th, 2014|12:10 pm]

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These are stories searched for, found, and lost again. The first 2 are by Gilesbabe. In 'It's Not Easy Being Green Carded' Giles learns that the Watchers are going to sic the INS on him because he won't cooperate with then. Giles and Buffy get married and have to deal with Hank, the Watchers, and Immigration. In 'Somewhere in Time' while losing an early battle against the demons Willow gathers her magic for one final spell to send Giles forward to meet his perfect Slayer, thus destroying their universe. Giles is thrown 2 years forward along with a Buffy sent 2 years back, to land in a heap on Joyce's living room floor, minutes after the funeral of that world's Buffy and Giles.

The third story is an X-Men crossover. The newborn baby of young Charles Xavier is stolen out of her crib. When their is no evidence of anyone else being in the mansion (thus us before the school) the police accuse him of doing away with the child in grief over his wife who died in childbirth. There's no sign of Xavier's for 20 years, until their powers and machines ID Buffy as the missing baby. (Turns out the Watchers took her)
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Pack!Xander [Mar. 12th, 2014|09:51 pm]



Does anyone have any stories where Xander doesn't leave the pack after they are free of the Hyenas?

Where he keeps in contact and still looks out for them.

Or ones where they are still a pack?

Thank you in advance

WelshAngel x

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'Stranger Things' series, by Esmeralda? [found] [Feb. 23rd, 2014|10:06 am]


I've got most of this series saved, with one exception: the 10th story, 'The Past'.  I only have chapters 1-19, and there's supposed to be 25 (?) I think.  And I can't find the rest anywhere on the net.
Does anyone have (and is willing to share) a copy of the rest of this story?
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Spander Hyena or Spander Sentinel [Jan. 29th, 2014|09:28 am]

Can anyone recommend and Spander stories that include Xander's s hyena or any stories that are Spander mixed with the people from Sentinel? I would prefer stories that are already complete or are regularly updated. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for (Spike/Xander)... [Jan. 23rd, 2014|08:56 pm]

It's a story in which Anya wants Xander to talk dirty to her, so Xander is practicing and Spike overhears him.  Spike demonstrates (hotly), and for a moment, Xander thinks Spike is talking dirty to him.

I'm pretty sure it's by a well-known author, and I've read it several times.  It's driving me nuts.
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I'm looking for ... [Jan. 23rd, 2014|02:48 pm]


I'm looking for Spike/Angel fics that are long and angsty and most of all COMPLETE. I also don't want any all human AUs ... I want the stories to take place in the Buffyverse somewhere. They can be historical or during the run of the show or future fic ... but I want it to be the Buffyverse.

Oodles of hugs and love and gratitude in advance!!!
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Looking for good YAHF, please! [Dec. 27th, 2013|07:00 pm]

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[music |Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - Tam Lin]

I am looking for some really, really GOOD YAHF. I know there are a TON online, but most I've seen are really badly written.... And even the better ones tend to cut and paste half the episode.That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does get old pretty fast.... I'm hoping to find some you desperately wish were canon, or are so good they're like reading a real book, no mental fixing of plot holes necessary. Maybe some that deal with things AFTER the first couple of seasons? Anyone know of any?

Special note: I've read a lot of what Twisting the Hellmouth has to offer, but if you know a really good one over there, by all means rec it, since I may have missed it. I've also been digging through the mountain of badfic over on to find the hidden gems (like all of Vathara's wonderful YAHF fics, bless her/him!) but I haven't had a chance to search AO3 yet!

Xander-centric is just fine, but I also like ones where all the characters get different costumes! :)

Any crossover is fine, my main issue is that the fic is GOOD. If the cross is something I'm not familiar with, I'll cheat and use Wikipedia. ;)

Het, slash, or gen. Any pairing is fine!

Complete or at least not abandoned is preferred!

Longer is better, but short and complete is FANTASTIC.

There are only two things I really can't stand. Please, please, please, NO character bashing and as little OOCness as possible!
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Drusilla/Buffy Fics? [Dec. 1st, 2013|07:12 pm]

[mood |Hot (grumble grumble)]

This is a really small interest, but I've always loved Dru/Buffy fics. So far I've read two and written seven. And I mean, like, main pairing D/B, not D/B/A/S/C/X/W/T/J/D/F/G/A/K/O fics or something (lol). Can anyone think of any good ones and send them to me ( or post a link? xx
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