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Spike & Xander Slash [Sep. 25th, 2016|09:08 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community
I'm looking for a fic. The only things I can remember are that Spike and Xander stop Willow from doing the resurrection spell. They end up taking her to LA where she gets loose and tries to kill Spike frying the chip in the process. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Vamp Buffy [Jul. 15th, 2016|03:03 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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Hi, I'm looking for good well written fics where buffy is a vampire and with Spike. I'm looking for ones like Carnival of Fools where Buffy has been a vamp for a long time. Either where she takes the place of Dru in canon or maybe is turned by spike before Sunnydale. So really any vamp buffy fics where she isn't turned in canon era sunnydale. Thanks in advance. 
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BTVS/SG1 Crossover [Jun. 23rd, 2016|07:05 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

Hi! Scratching my head and looking for a BTVS/SG1 crossover I read a while ago. It was a Post Chosen fic where Jack was Buffy's dad. Buffy and the gang ended up in Colorado looking for him (I think?). What I specifically remember was that Jack or someone in SG1 thought they were NID plants or something and Buffy ends up getting shot. Ringing any bells with anyone? Please help!
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Spander Recs and some outside POV [May. 18th, 2016|12:46 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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I'm looking for Spander fics set after the end of the show. Xander as a watcher. Xander in charge of training slayers. Xander in charge in Scotland. (like the comic canon)

Also outside POV of Xander in charge of what seems to be a terrorist organization would be awesome.
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Buffy Crossover, Battle to Guard Antiques [May. 17th, 2016|12:31 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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I am looking for a crossover story where Buffy has inherited all of the councils antiquities and is in the process of moving the items to a new location. I believe this is a real family story for Buffy. Buffy's real family help with the guarding process.

I know it very vague but thank you for any help.
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Lost fic [Apr. 20th, 2016|03:34 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

Hey! I was wondering if anyone would be able to name a fic I read some time ago. I think it's a one-shot. It's set in the early years of Buffy, and Angel has some serious PTSD. I know there is one scene where they are examining the bodies of some women who had been assaulted and the scoobies suggest something to do with vampires and Angel disproves them becuase he knows exactly how a vampire would sexually assault someone and it scares the shit out of them. The whole time he's wracked by PTSD thoughts. Angel also slips up and speaks another language, I think. Finally, I also think I maybe recall a little interaction with him and Xander about Xander's abusive parents, but I can't remember perfectly. (That might be another fic...)

Any help will be so so so appreciated!
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Please help [Apr. 17th, 2016|01:10 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community
I am looking for a fic that is a crossover between Stargate/Buffy. The pairing is Buffy/Jack but there are alternate Angels that come through the Stargate that end up with Buffy. There is even one part where and alternative Buffy and Jack are lost so Angel watches over their kids until another set finds them
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Buffy/Giles/Faith [Feb. 18th, 2016|09:31 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community


I was wondering if anyone had any stories that are Buffy/Giles/Faith stories. I am over 18, so any rating can do.

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Cordelia at Anya/Xander wedding [Nov. 4th, 2015|07:21 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community


i recently read a story where Cordelia was invited to the wedding and she's there being supportive of Anya after Xander leaves her at the altar. Buffy and Willow, being Xander's friend first, are either not as supportive or seen so. If I recall correctly, Cordy suggests Anya takes the honeymoon herself or invites Anya to LA.
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Fic Search, Xander/Angel(us) [Nov. 3rd, 2015|08:45 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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This is a very old story, and I no longer have a link or any real info on it. Angel(us) and Xander are trapped in another dimension or realm. They end up working together, becoming lovers and/or mates, and rule the place for, I think, thousands of years. Long enough that they pretty much forget Sunnydale and the people there. Then, they are called back for some reason.

It could be related to when Acathla opened and Angel was sent to hell, but I can't be sure about that.

Also, the people, or beings, that Angel and Xander ruled over didn't want them to leave. And I seem to recall X and A standing on a ledge, or balcony, looking over their kingdom and remembering their years there.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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