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Domestic spike/buffy [Sep. 10th, 2015|02:54 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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I really want to read some domestic spuffy where they have a life away from the scoobies and sunnydale. Something like Dreams and Desotos by BlodShedBaby. I dont mind if they go back to sunnydale, just please no all human or historical and not too much angst. Thank you very much.
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Looking for AU genfic [Jul. 17th, 2015|01:34 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

Could you rec me All-Human or Supernatural AU fics, that ARE NOT romance stories?
Background relationships are fine, as long as they are not the main focus of the story.

I'm looking for complete AUs, where no canon events ever happened, not just slight-to-medium canon divergence AUs. It's ok if universe is based on the general buffyverse mythology with slayers and vampires, though.

So, for instance, Angel is a P.I. in noir-ish AU slighly inspired by "Maltese Falcon" is the type of story I'm looking for. But What if Buffy didn't have to jump off that tower? is not.

Any ratings, characters and (minor)pairings are fine.
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Spuffy Buffy regrets treating Spike badly [Jun. 30th, 2015|04:28 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community


I  have two types of spuffy story

1. I want to read a story where Buffy kills Spike an then regrets, Spike of course should come back to life . I'm no sure I

2. Someone shows her and the scoobies how wrong their treatment  of Spike is.  
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Competent Xander - Leader [Jun. 21st, 2015|11:58 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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Hello, I have three requests...

1) Are there any fics out there where Xander uses his solider skills to become a competent leader or any fic where he is in charge? Either he organises resistance against the Hellmouth or something along those lines in either a crossover or non.

2) Also, are there any stories that cross with SGC where Xander and others flee their dimension/planet and end up on a different planet (Not Earth) in the SG universe? Would be an interesting read, them fighting against the Goa’uld/Wraith, Then meeting people from Earth.

3) Furthermore I have been out of the buffy community for a year now (Real life got in the way), does anyone know of some good recent stories that centre on Xander.

Thank you for any help! Xx

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twilightofmagic' "Voices in the Night" [Jun. 18th, 2015|03:40 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community


Hey All,

Twilightofmagic is recommended up and down the internets, but her LJ is f-locked and I don't think she's updated since 2008. Does anyone know whether "Voices in the Night" (Giles/Wesley) is archived elsewhere, or has access to the fic?

While I'm here, if there are any solid Giles/Wesley stories that you can recommend, that would be amazing.

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spuffy fic [Jun. 17th, 2015|02:57 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

i am looking for a fic where Buffy is brought back to life and she does not have her memories and she is also sick and find out she is also immortal and mates with spike and her other parts of her soul is returned to her and those parts were reborn into other beings
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Fic search Xander's real family [Jun. 15th, 2015|11:24 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

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I'm looking for a story about Xander discovering his real family. It's probably a crossover story, but all I can really remember is that Tony Harris beat Xander severely. So much so that Xander's mom stopped him and insisted they take Xander to the hospital. Unfortunately, they were drunk, and had a car accident. I think they both died in the accident.

The scene I remember best is when the emergency personnel are trying to rescue Xander, who was lying in the back seat. They questioned him about his condition, and he kept flickering in and out of Xander, Hyena, and Soldier. The rescue folks also realized that not all of his injuries were from the accident - or maybe that was discovered at the hospital.

At any rate, that's all I remember. The story might even have been a wip that was never finished. I don't remember, but I really want to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


ETA: Found it on TTH - it's First Priority by Mel. Here's the link. http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-9139/Mel+First+Priority.htm
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Dark Dreamluver stories [Jun. 15th, 2015|07:40 am]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

i am looking for dark dreamluver stories i would like to read them again i would not post them or anything like just to reread them again i can't find them anywhere and her site is down
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looking for spuffy time travel fic [Jun. 10th, 2015|03:38 pm]
Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

i can't remember the name for the life of me i read it a while ago but Spike and Buffy get back in time and at first she does not remember who she is and Spike has to mate with her and Doyle is their guide for the powers that be. They have a mission while they are there they do come back to their time and both Buffy and Spike feel like they don't really belong even Buffy feels she has out grown her friends due to her be gone for hundreds of years her time i do know this story is not 400 hundred days.
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