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Find_Buffy_Recs: A BtVS & AtS Rec Community

Looking for some recs? We can help!

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This community was created to help you find recs for anything in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. Read a story about Spike and Buffy switching bodies and want to find more stories? Or looking for Angel/Cordelia videos but don't know where to find them? Then this is the community for you. Sign up and start posting your recs!

Please feel free to request help in finding recs for any BtVS and AtS creation, from fics to videos. Crossover fic/vid searches are also acceptable!

Updated 8/22 - Rules:
•Please include whatever character or pairing you are looking for.
•Include what type of medium you are looking for (fic, art, vid, etc.)
•If you are making a post with any art, please put anything larger than icons behind a cut.
•Recs for crossover fics are allowed as long as they involve the BtVS or AtS fandom.
•Links to stories/art/vids are allowed as examples, but please don't make a post simply advertising something.
•Please do not make a post to answer any rec requests, simply reply to the entry.
•Please do not tag any entries yourself. Tagging will be done by the Mods.

NEW!!!! All entry tags have been editted. So if you're looking for some recs, feel free to check through them! You can find the tags HERE.

Also, check out our sister site, seeking_spike!
Not looking for a recs but a certain fic you read a while back but can't remember who wrote it? Have a piece of art but no clue who made it? Sign up over at our sister community, seeking_spike, a community to help you find the location/author/artist of your favorite BtVS and AtS creations.

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