Dark Release Season 4 Rewrite by frosty600


I was wondering if anybody has a copy of the story Dark Release Season 4 Rewrite by frosty600 that they could send me.

A03 has the first 10 chapters, but I seem to remember that it was sixteen in all that had been published.

I would be really grateful 😊❤️ I'm really hooked!


Xander Centric

Any fics where Xander is the main focus. Preferably no Cordelia or Anya pairing. Slash encouraged but not required.

Wouldn't mind stories not particularly kind to Buffy or Faith. Maybe even Giles.


I can't tell you how many fics I'll start and it doesn't come up until several chapters in that Xander was apparently raped and it just never came up. (Looking at you Ulterior Motives. Screw that story.)

No OC romances, no Prostitute!Xander stories, no Parent!Xander, biological or not.

Also, I'm looking for a specific story where Xander is split into two (I think from a Willow spell) and they go to Angel and one half bonds with him and the other bonds with Spike. But then both halves are merged unexpectedly and they form a triad.
Inner Peace by IconSpirit

Spuffy RECS requested

Hi out there.  Not unlike many, I'm stuck at home and am tired of streaming anything.  I want to read, specifically, I want to read Spuffy!

I haven't really read fanfic for years so I'm looking for recs for fics in the last 7 -10 years or so.  The only absolute requirements are that the fic is vampire/slayer, no AH, and that it's complete.  I'm really not in a headspace for not knowing the end of a story.

As for preferences, I like long fics, the longer the better.  I like good STORIES.

I really hope there are folks that get to see this post and have some juicy recs to offer.  And, if you're a writer, please, please feel free to direct me to any of your offerings that fit the bill.

And if there's any other place that you think I should post my request, please let me know

Thanks so much for your help.

Buffy Figures Out how Wrong Angel is For Her

I just read a story where Buffy and Angel got married after Graduation and Buffy finally realized that her and Angel are not going to work out.

I'm looking for fics where Buffy realizes that her realationship with Angel is not going to work. Or it was dysfunctional. Or that her and Angel are very different and not compatible.

Doesn't have to be but Spuffy very welcome.
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Spike Human

I think there might be more than one of these fics so just give it your best shot!

Wolfram and Hart brung Spike/William back human. I think Angel is in it and probably Buffy too. Spike wakes up in a crate.
Find Buffy Recs

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I have already created one for Seeking_Spike
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